Architecture Design & Assessment

The enterprise architecture is a strategic information asset base which supports the current and end state business flows, the information necessary to operate the business, the technologies necessary to support the business operations, and the transitional processes necessary for implementing new technologies in response to the changing needs of business 

As part of key focus on proposal preparation, will help define the customer’s architecture end state. This architecture end state will be adapted to our client’s business objectives, and will define the necessary system components to close any gaps identified during the proposal assessment period. This en state will represent the target system for all migration steps defined in the roadmap.

The enterprise architecture deliverable includes the high level model defining the current and target architecture environments, and the transitional processes for evolving from the current to the target in so far as it is required for the proposal.

The following detailed steps are followed as part of Abstraction’s architecture development methodology:

·         Validation of business objectives and technology commitments

·         Walk-through of existing process workflows and systems.

·         Identification of existing hardware and software

·         Validation of existing SLAs

·         Identification of existing data bases and data propagation/maintenance flows

·         Validation of our client’s technology and development plan

·         Validation of end state requirements


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