Technology Standards and Methodology Life Cycle Processes Process Development

Once the various preliminary assessments are completed (including understanding the overall migration strategy, and our client’s development pipeline, costs, and effort have been determined, we will produce a milestone based implementation plan

Our planning methodology is milestone- based; not task-based. The difference between a milestone and a traditional project management event is that the milestone should stand on its own as a deliverable. Finishing a piece of code is not a milestone. Completing a prototype or being able to demonstrate a complete sub-component of the deliverable are examples of milestones. If the event is something that can be shown to anyone outside the development group, and be understood as a partial success, then it qualifies as a milestone.

Tracking milestones has a number of benefits:

·         Missing a milestone is a clear signal that the project is not on track.

·         A successful milestone motivates the team by providing a clear partial result

·         Milestone deliverables can provide some benefits earlier

·         A successful milestone can motivate the project sponsors to continue supporting the project, even when faced with budgetary constraints

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